Lødingen Kirkelige Fellesråd
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Månedlig arkiv: november 2015

Kommende uke i Lødingen Kirke

Lødingen Kirke

Lødingen Kirke

Søndag 15. november

klokken 11:00

Vi markerer Allehelgens.

Navnene på dem som har gått bort det siste året leses opp, og som navnene leses opp tenner vi et lys. Gudstjenesten forrettes av Sigrid Bøckman.

Etterpå har vi kirkekaffe, som alle er hjertelig velkommen til.

Friday 20th November

Time 6pm (18:00 hours)

For the very first time in Lødingen you can take part in English worship.

This is first and foremost for those who do not originate from this country, of whom there now are many in Lødingen – but everybody is welcome. The service will be Evening Prayer. This has a strong tradition in England, as is the traditional language. In order to make this accessible for everybody, even those who don’t have English as their first language, a shortened, simplified liturgy will be used.

Evening prayer will now be said every Friday until Christmas. If the trial proves to be successful, the kirkeverge (administrative leader for the church) will table a motion for the church council (menighetsråd), which must then decide whether Evening Prayer can continue permanently.

So if this is something for you – or else you know someone for whom it might be of interest – do come along, and do tell your friends about this service. Now is your chance!

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